Barred Owl Sings

This Barred Owl sings a variant of the "Who Cooks for You" song.  See the video for comparison.  Note how quiet the background is in this audio - a blessing of the remote woodlands of the Smoky Mountains.   May 23, 2008.    (5min 11sec)

Single Song, Close-Up

One of the songs from the above audio, with close up views.    May 23, 2008.  (13sec)

Barred Owl Duet

A pair of Barred Owls perform a full repertoire and fill the night with sound.  We are enthralled, as the duet was accompanied by the twinkling of fireflies in the night air - low near the ground and high near the owls, almost like stardust in a fairy tale.  Life doesn't get better than this!   May 28, 2008   (7min 53sec)

Barred Owl - "In the Still of the Night"
Recordings by Drew Panko
Spectrogram Video by Trudy Battaly

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