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Prairie Warbler
Songs from 2 different birds, in different years, in different places. 

2010 May 20, 2010 Rockland County, NY iPhone
2013   May 5, 2013 Westchester County, NY


Comparison June, 2011 1 variant end note  

PRWA, Rockland County  May 20, 2010  shorter song, with 5 songs in 48 seconds

PRWA, Westchester County:   May 5, 2013 longer song, with 5 songs in 48 seconds
Prairie Warbler:  Comparison of Slight Variations between the songs of 2 different warblers.
Comparison of the Songs of 2 Different Prairie Warblers

These two Prairie Warblers sing slightly different songs.  Both sing the buzzy, ascending trill typical of this species, in the same frequency range.  But, the song of the 2010 Prairie, with 17 notes,  is shorter than the song of the 2013 Prairie, with 23 notes.  We do not know why, but there could be several reasons:  different dialects at different locations, different times in the breeding cycle, different experiences - weather, recent predator encounters, etc., or simply just different individuals.  Notice that both birds sing about the same number of songs in about the same amount of time - 5 songs in about 47 seconds, so the slightly shorter songs are slightly further apart. Kentucky Warbler audio

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