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Sooty Grouse
Songs from different males. 

Sooty Grouse has yellow air sacs

Sooty Grouse at Paradise on Mount Rainier, WA July 18, 2011
This male Sooty Grouse first ran down a large snow bank and then was seen later in full display on the top of an obvious rock.   This sample of 17 songs shows variation in the number of notes roughly similar to that noted in Fig 23, Birds of North America (citation below).

Sooty Grouse at North Cascades National Park WA July 10, 2011
We did not see this male grouse.  We did see a female, but were unable to find the male who was singing from up the slope behind vegetation and terrain.  The sound was captured by Drew using his telenga.  The song was barely audible on the file, so we amplified it and used noise reduction to make it discernable.  We used a control (song on original file) to be sure the result sounded the same (to our ears).  We believe this is a Sooty Grouse, but we are not absolutely certain.  The song is slightly different from the male at Paradise.

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