Common Eider hen with ducklings
       Common Eiders

Acadia National Park is a great place to see breeding Common Eiders.  These videos show hens and ducklings negotiating the surf as they come in to feeding areas along the shore, and then battle the strong surf to get back out to the safety of the open water.  Check out the fun!
Surfing In to Shore
Eiders surf in to shore and dine on local seafood .
Battle the Surf!
Slow motion:  Can the ducklings win the battle against the strong surf?
Battle the Surf 2!
Real time video of the Eiders battling that surf.
On the Rock
Eiders hanging out, loafing on a rock near the shore.

Produced by SEA
Videos by Trudy Battaly and Drew Panko

Common Eiders:  Surfer Champs of the Northeast
Acadia National Park, ME  
July 2012

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