More Sooty Grouse Songs

Sooty Grouse are a wonderful sight to see!  The yellow air sacs of the displaying male shout out to any observers that he is on breeding territory.   The owl-like sound that emerges from the sacs undoubtedly resonates his intent:  "This is my territory!"   Check out his run across the snow in early morning.  We were lucky to see both male and female.
Female at North Cascades

We heard the clucking of this hen and looked to find her on top of a very old tree stump.
Male at Paradise on Mt. Rainier
           Runs Across Snow Bank
           Sings from Top of Rock
                     Spread Tail

Check out Drew's audio spectrogram.  It shows variation in the number of notes per call. 
Produced by SEA
Trudy Battaly & Drew Panko

Sooty Grouse
North Cascades National Park WA,   June 10 2011
Paradise at Mount Rainier National Park WA,   June 10 2011

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