Henslow's Sparrow
Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge, IN
June 24, 2013

We were delighted to have a personal tour of the expansive Henslow's Sparrow territory at Big Oaks.  We arrived late in the day, and the Refuge was closed the next day, so we were very lucky to actually see this Henslow's perched on a tree branch.  This is a secretive species that will run along the ground when disturbed rather than flush.
Check out Drew's recordings from this day.

** Thanks to the staff at Big Oaks for making our Henslow's visit possible. **

More important, thanks to the staff and the US Fish & Wildlife Service for managing the large grasslands for the 800 Henslow's pairs (FWS bulletin) that breed there!    For more information, see their web page  and the 2007 Action Plan Workshop Summary.

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