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Kentucky Warblers are distinctive, with their black sideburns and yellow spectacles.  They are uncommon in the Westchester area and quite secretive, often found in dense shrubbery.  They do sing from exposed places, however, and we were lucky to see it.  This male was a special treat.  He sat out on a limb above the shrubbery below, and sang his special song.  Most Kentucky Warblers sing a song with identical notes.  This Kentucky sang a song with the  last 3 notes about 800-900 Hz lower than the other notes.  Can you hear it?

Furthermore, he is quite the artist!  Check out the audio spectrogram.  With Drew's great recording, the Kentucky's rich song looks as beautiful as it sounds! 
Produced by SEA
Trudy Battaly & Drew Panko

Kentucky Warbler
Rockefeller State Park Preserve NY,   May 24 2011
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