More Birdsong: Louisiana Waterthrush

Spring Arrival

April 20, 2010 and the hills ring with the song of the Louisiana Waterthrush.  Spring has arrived and with it the Louie has once again returned to breed.  This time we find him way up in the tree tops advertizing his arrival!

Catches Tadpole: Short, Full

June 7, 2010   This Louisiana Waterthrush catches a Wood Frog tadpole on its first try.   It then takes three minutes of thrashing the tadpole against the ground before it takes a nibble or two.  

Catches Tadpole:  Slow Motion

In this slow motion video the Waterthrush flies off carrying the tadpole.  We assume it is bringing the tasty prize back to the nest.
Slow motion at 10% of normal.

Easy prey for anything near this vernal pond, the Wood Frog tadpoles are densely packed.  They have large numbers of offspring, so enough survive for the future.

Louisiana Waterthrush

Video by SEA Trudy Battaly, Drew Panko 

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