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Volume:  Adjust the volume control on the lower right section of the video, change the volume on your speakers directly.




1.  Click on a topic in the Table of Contents (TOC) on the left to move directly to that location in the lesson.

2.  Click and drag along the bar at the bottom of the video to move to the part of the lesson you want to see again.



Quiz and Survey:  Normal

1.  For each question, select an answer or enter information. 

2.  Then click Submit and you will see a response that relates to your selection.

3.  Select Next to proceed to the next question.

4.  At the end of the quiz and survey, you will have the opportunity to review your answers, and then send the answers to the authors, Trudy and Drew, by email. 

a)  If you have email software configured on the computer you are using, you may simply click the Send  button, and it will open your email software.  Just click send in the software.  Note that you may choose to add any additional information to the email before sending it.

b)   If you use on-line email, open a different window of your browser and navigate to your email site.  Do Not use the BirdSongID lesson window to open your email.   Highlight the information in the review screen, copy, and paste it into an email in your new window.  Please address the email to, and we will receive it.  Note that you may choose to add any additional information to the email before sending it.



Quiz and Survey:  Change selection for an answer

1.  Once the Submit button is clicked, you can no longer change the selection until a different action is taken.  So, if you want to change your selection, you will need to click Next and then Prev to return to the question and make a new selection. 

2.  You may return to any part of the lesson even after you have begun the quiz.  For example, you can click on the Quiz Medley in the TOC, listen to the medley, and then click on the Quiz and Survey in the TOC.  You will be brought back to the quiz with your previous selections intact.