Atlantic Puffins Breed of the Coast of Maine
          Atlantic Puffins
Machias Seal Island is ten miles off the coast of Maine. Thousands of alcids breed here, and can be seen in the water and on the land.
What a wonderful sight! 
On the Water
Puffins swim and fly in the waters around the island.
Puffins land amid the colony on the rocks.
On the Rocks
Close up views of 3 Puffins
Colony Behaviors
Hanging Out, The Rock Hop, & Billing
Rock Hop-Slow Motion
The feet slip a bit after this Puffin tucks his wings while climbing the smooth rock.
More Slow Motion Action
Wing Pump, Head Shake, Tail Wiggle and Take-off
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Atlantic Puffins
Machias Seal Island, ME  
July 1, 2012

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Produced by
Videos by Trudy Battaly and Drew Panko

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