Barred Owl Sings by Day

This Barred Owl is singing the typical "Who Cooks for You" song.  As you can see, Barred Owls sometimes sing during the day, even when Blue Jays are harassing it.   Barred Owls sing variants of this song, and will sometimes fill the night air with duets. (More Songs)
Barred Owls are the only eastern owls with dark eyes - watch for them in the video.    
June 7, 2010   (2 min 45 sec)

BirdSongID QUIZ:

Can you identify the bird species singing in the background of the video?

Spectrogram of Barred Owl

Portrays a diversity of Barred Owl songs,  including a duet.
Video by
SEA Trudy Battaly, Drew Panko 

Barred Owl

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