Fork-tailed Flycatcher watches for insects

Fork-tailed Flycatchers
are rarely seen in the Northeast.  They are a tropical species that breeds in South America.  What a treat to see
 one in Stamford CT! 
Thank you, Cove Island!

Watching for Insects
At the edge of LI Sound this Fork-tailed Flycatcher dines daily on the insect bounty among the grasses.
  What will it do when temperatures get too cold for the insects?

Chased by a Mocking Bird

The Fork-tailed overlooks the field from a great vantage point. But, a resident Northern Mockingbird decides this is the best time to let the Flycatcher know that this is his territory!  Check out the chase scene. 

   Produced by SEA

Fork-tailed Flycatcher at Cove Island CT

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