Off to get another grasshopper! 

Video 1A: Feeding  
Video 1B: Slow Motion of 1A
Video 2:  Family 
Video 3:  Adult
Opening Photos

Scissor-tailed Flycatchers are a delight to see.  Adults are easily identified by their long scissor tail.
Our videos are all taken of a family we found at Foss State Park, OK
     Video 1A  Adults go and come back with food for the fledglings.
     Video 1B  is a slow motion version of Video 1A.
     Video 2 shows an adult with two fledglings in the lower branches of a tree.  A third fledgling was watching off camera.
     Video 3 shows the second adult resting briefly in the same tree, a great vantage point for finding grasshoppers.

Scissor-tails like open areas with scattered trees, but also hunt from wires, as shown in the opening photos taken at Black Kettle National Grasslands. 
by Trudy Battaly & Drew Panko

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Foss State Park, OK - June 28, 2013
Black Kettle National Grasslands, OK -
  June 29, 2013
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