More Dickcissel Songs

Video 1:  Muscatatuck NWR
Video 2:  Neil Smith NWR

Video 3:  Neil Smith NWR

Dickcissels are obvious in their habitat, usually singing from a perch above the grassland below.   Once you find the songster you will definitely remember him, with his yellow breast and eye line, his contrasting black V, and his rufous shoulder patches. 

These two males were at different locations and different times.  Listen for the differences in their songs, and
check out the audio spectrogram 
Produced by SEA
Trudy Battaly & Drew Panko

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, IN - June 25, 2013
Neil Smith National Wildlife Refuge, IA -
  July 25, 2013
 iPhone:  Muscatatuck NWR,   Neil Smith NWR          

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