More Prairie Songs

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Prairie Warblers are a delight to see and to hear.  The Prairie's song,  an ascending buzzy trill, is distinctive, and instills a thrill of expectation of seeing this beauty.  This was early May with few leaves on the trees, so finding him was easy this time.   He was at the shrubby edge of a meadow, typical habitat for this species.
Listen to his buzzy trill.  Listen, also, for the quiet song of a Field Sparrow in the background.   

Prairie m
ales are brighter and more boldly marked than females, but both are a beautiful yellow below and olive above.   Watch for the rufous patch on the back of this male when he turns around. 

Be sure to check out the audio spectrogram of Drew's recording. 
Produced by SEA
Trudy Battaly & Drew Panko

Prairie Warbler

Westchester County NY,   May 5 2013

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